Wesley Smith was born and raised in Arnold, MO. He is a proud patriot, Veteran, American, and Constitutional Conservative. Wesley isn’t a politician, nor will he ever be. He believes representatives shouldn’t hide in Washington. For too long members in congress have made promises they couldn’t keep and lied to their constituents, only to take money and push agendas set by big businesses. Wesley’s primary goal is to unite our community by exposing corruption and holding elected officials accountable. There will be no more double standards between elected officials and those that they govern. WE CAN’T SPELL COMMUNITY WITHOUT UNITY!

Together we will fight useless taxes, hold elected officials accountable, reform the upside down credit system, block big media, big pharma, and big tech. We will attack the real government spending issues by blocking spending legislation. We will also fight for congressional term limits, which would include 8 years in the House and 12 years in the Senate, all while reforming our prison system and securing our borders. America is always first!

Wolf of Washington

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